Are You The Sucker At The Table?

Perhaps you have faced most of the situations below. But can you cope effectively with all of them?
These are just a few of the many challenges our Masterclass will equip you to meet.
You will become confident in deploying the key gambits used in high-level negotiations; the counters to them; and the counters to the counters!

  • You are negotiating the fee for a consulting project. Should you ask the supplier what fee they have in mind? Or should you tell them what you are going to pay?
  • You have put in a written bid - as have several competitors - to buy or supply something, and you have now been invited to the negotiating table. How do you avoid ‘negotiating against yourself’? (You might already be the best bidder!)
  • Your supplier tells you she has 'no authority to reduce the price further'. What do you do?
  • The firm you are selling to say they can’t afford to pay your price / fee. They don’t have a big enough budget. How do you respond?
  • You have come to the table alone; but the other side has fielded a team of four. How do you keep control and avoid being intimidated?
  • Your counter-party gives you his first proposal, but you don’t fully understand it. What is the first thing you should say?
  • The other party makes a 'final offer'. How can you tell if they mean it? And how should you respond?
  • They tell you they have a ‘better offer’ from someone else. What do you do?
  • They try to ‘salami slice’ you by demanding line-by-line concessions. How do you stop this 'death by a thousand cuts’?
  • You are the boss, leading a team of negotiators. Should you do most of the talking?
  • You are about to plan for a major negotiation. But what does a useful negotiation plan consist of?
  • The deal you are about to negotiate could take lots of different ‘shapes’. How do you cope with all the moving parts and still know what the value of the deal is to you?
  • You need to adjourn to clarify your arithmetic. But you are afraid you will look weak. What should you do?