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Negotiating Investment Banking fees

An article in the Financial Times about investment bankers' fees proves the value of negotiation skills.…
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Body Language: were there red flags in Jeff Sessions’ controversial testimony to the Senate?

We analyse the body language when US Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave this controversial answer to…
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Negotiation tips on Sky News

Tips on being firm not floppy; body language; and sealing the deal, from an interview with…
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Training bankers how to negotiate: feature in the Independent newspaper

Back in the 1990s the Independent wrote a feature on our negotiation training course. Some things…
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Nuclear Deadlines

Negotiation advice from Hartley-Brewer. Using the example of the international negotiations on Iran's nuclear ambitions we…
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Specialists In Negotiation Skills v Generalists

Why to get negotiation skills training from a specialist, not a generalist training firm.
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Tsipras Forgot His BRA As Well As His Tie

A lesson in negotiation from Hartley-Brewer – we explain how Greek Prime Minister Tsipras could have…
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