Skills Developed

The most powerful and practical negotiation skills programme.

We equip your key negotiators with tools and techniques that combine a co-operative approach, to create more value in the deal, with a competitive approach that manages power intelligently to claim as much value as possible for your side of the table.

Our goal is to help participants to become more effective both as solo negotiators and as team members. By the end of the programme all participants should have:
  • A clear grasp of their personal negotiating Style and Behaviour and how to manage these more effectively.
  • An awareness of the need for both Cooperative Win-Win and Competitive Win-Lose strategies, and the ability to strike a realistic balance between them.
  • An understanding of the three fundamental Modes of negotiation – Creativity, Reason and Power – and when to use each of them.
  • A set of flexible Planning Tools for determining a limit, target and opening position; deciding what information should be kept vs. shared; planning with multiple issues, etc.
  • Practical mechanisms for Creating and exploring Options for Mutual Gain to build a better deal for both parties.
  • Effective techniques for using Reason to reach agreement by putting arguments more persuasively.
  • The ability to use and resist Power Tactics at the pivotal moments of the negotiation by
    • crafting and reacting to Opening Positions
    • managing the flow of Concessions
    • deploying Closes that seal the deal.
  • Proficiency with all the major Gambits: knowing when and how to use them, how to counter them, and even how to counter the counters.
  • A clearer focus on effective Teamwork in the planning and conduct of negotiations.
  • Enhanced Social Skills in communicating, questioning, listening, managing conflict and reading the hidden meanings of speech and body language.
  • Greater Control over the negotiation process – whether face to face or on the phone – to manage a smooth transition through the Three Phases to a successful Closing of the deal.
  • A clear understanding of when to run a hybrid Negoti-auction or Negoti-Tender; and how to run and respond to a negoti-auction/tender in both the bidding and negotiation stages. How to avoid bidding against yourself, and how to get your best bidder to improve... without lying to them.
  • Structured techniques for Reviewing both individual and team performance to build on success and learn from setbacks.