Booster Day

Maximise implementation, effectiveness and Return on Investment by boosting your negotiation skills on a short refresher course.

We strongly recommend a one-day ‘Booster’ workshop six to twelve months after the Masterclass. The impact of training tends to decline over time, so the Booster encourages participants to fully implement the lessons of the Masterclass – and maximises the payback from our training.


The aims of the Booster are

  • to remind participants of the main learning points from the Masterclass
  • to give them further opportunities to practise key skills and techniques
  • to review any problems they found in implementing the messages of the programme in their real-world negotiations.

Most clients prefer to allocate some time to analysing one or more real-world situations that are imminent or recent.

The Booster day is built around two negotiation exercises: a one-on-one in the morning and a team negotiation in the afternoon. To save planning time the second simulation is a follow-up deal to the first. As with the Masterclass, video playback and analysis of the exercises brings to life the key learning points and provides personal feedback to participants.

Each exercise gives participants the opportunity to practise the planning and conduct of a complete negotiation and to refresh their knowledge and understanding of the tools and techniques covered in the Masterclass.

Participants share their experiences in implementing the skills and techniques acquired on the Masterclass, describe any problems they have encountered, and work together to develop solutions.

They also develop Individual Action Plans to help ensure full implementation of the course lessons in their real world negotiations.