negotiation training masterclass

Negotiation Skills Masterclass

A lifetime to learn, three days to master

The Masterclass: three dynamic and highly interactive days with the leaders in the field will develop your team into complete negotiators.

To minimise ‘days off the job’, some clients prefer to run the Masterclass in two long days (8am-8pm) and/or to use a weekend day.

What you will learn

Comprehensive coverage of the key skills needed to become the complete negotiator

  • Practical tools for planning the negotiation.
  • A process framework for conducting it.
  • Handling style, behaviour and teamwork.
  • And elite-level skills at using and countering the tactics and gambits that are used in today’s high stakes negotiations.

How you will learn

A highly interactive workshop for 8-12 key negotiators from the same company.  You will participate in realistic negotiation exercises. Video playback and analysis brings out key learning points and gives you individual feedback.

Our tutors are direct, robust and humorous. There is no ‘torture by PowerPoint’.

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